Since the organisation’s aim is to search for alternative paths of social transformation, it conceptualises paradigm of development as of social transformation and change. Therefore, the unit is society, which according to us, is an interwoven system consisting of economic, political and social sub-systems, intertwined at every sphere – local, national and global. The societal sub-system entails configuration of classes, which interact with each other in political arena in order to retain control over productive resources in the economic sphere. The political sub-system is the reflection of societal sub-system as the dominant class attempts to arrive at or impose a set of collective goals. The economic sub-system actualised goals through the production of goods and services. Likewise, environment disproportionately suffers from mere financialisation of nature. In other words, the societal sub-system defines players, the political sub-system inscribes rules and economic sub-system actualises the system of accumulation. Thus, our policy analyses and research is based on a theoretical structure that grids the transmission mechanism of the realities of concentration of wealth and power, differential access to markets and resources, and the impact of discriminatory policies and practices.

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