The Unnayan Onneshan believes that a defined value system contributes to the culture and ultimate success of the organisation. The organisation, therefore, has developed its own value system and is persistently following in its activities.

Value  What does the value mean?
Editorial Independence The Unnayan Onneshan centres on the integrity of having editorial independence. The organisation’s research, public affairs and policy advice are built on knowledge, evidence and rigour, irrespective of individual’s choice, ideology, funding, or political persuasions. 
High Quality Quality is the key to UO’s working approach. The organisation endeavours to ensure, innovative approaches and best practices in its research, policy advice and public affairs.
Fairness, Diversity & Equality The UO is committed to fairness, diversity and equality. The organisation works for raising voice of the unheard. The organisation has mainstreaming inclusionary principles in work, human resource and organisational development.
Working Together The organisation works in collaboration with multiple partners ranging from community organisation to government and international organisations. A range of stakeholders is always consulted for setting our agenda.
Transparency & Accountability There is open reporting on the use of public funds, with full communication of our work to our donors, research subjects and partners. Every year the organisation publishes its annual and audit reports in its website for as public information. The organisation has an open information policy, besides decisions are being taken by different staff-level Committees on the operations of the organisation, with guidance from the Board of Trustees.
Sustainability Sustainability is not only an issue of promotion through research; resources are used within the UO in a sustainable way, reflecting its consciousness of commitment to environment.

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