Seminar on “Inequality of Primary Education in Bangladesh”

Reported by Sohel Rana

An in-house seminar on “Inequality of Primary Education in Bangladesh” has been presented by Jannatul Ferdaush (Junior Research Assistant - I) that took place at the Conference Room of Unnayan Onneshan on 3 October 2011. The result of this study is to not only determine the socio-economic factors affecting unequal primary education but also to define what should be given priority for resolving the backdrops of unequal education. The projections provided in the presentation indicate that the country is well on the track to achieve some of the targets of the National Plan for Action - II within the scheduled time.

However, it is sorry to say that maximum of the target might not be achieved within the scheduled period. Policies should be targeted towards the poor children’s greater enrollment. Lack of accountable budgetary education expenditure and poor colonial administrative pattern should be removed and the government should attempt to make double effort for revising existing strategies. Otherwise, the education target can never be achieved. After the presentation, Faiz Ahmed Chowdhury, Abdul Momin Mollah, Selim Hossain and A. F. M Azim Uddin discussed over the presentation from various viewpoints. The Chair of the seminar Rashed Al Mahmud Titumir shared his thoughts regarding government initiatives, projection combining different scenarios and participation.