Seminar on Bangladesh Economic Update on Foreign Direct Investment

Reported by Sohel Rana

A superb in-house seminar was held in Unnayan Onneshan-The Innovators on 21 January 2012.A presentation on the MEU, January 2011 (Foreign Direct Investment) was given by A.Z.M. Saleh. After defining some key terms, the presenter gave the rationale of the study which includes the exploration of the current dynamics of FDI inflow in Bangladesh. With the help of some figures, A.Z.M. Saleh described the dynamics of FDI inflow, the sectorial distribution of FDI and country-wise sources of FDI. Finally, the presenter indicated the key factors for the foreign investors. This productive presentation was followed by a question answer session participated by the audience including the director Polash Kanti Dash and the chairperson Rashed Al-Mahmud Titumir. The audience actively participated through discussions to improve the report. Nibedita Roy is another author of this report.