Seminar on “Community Food Bank Manual”

Reported By Shahid Md. Adnan

An in-house seminar on ’Community Food Bank Manual’’ has been held on 14 January 2012 in the conference room of Unnayan Onneshan. Mr. Abdul Momin Mollah, Research Assistant presented a paper entitled ’Community Food Bank Manual’ in the presence of Mr. Rashed al Mahmud Titumir as the chair, Mr. Palash Kanti Das, the Director of the organization along with other researchers. The paper has published the beneficiary side of Community Food Bank indicating the presented manual as a well planned operational and strategy guideline for a sustainable Food Bank establishment and management in the community level.

After the presentation, a simple discussion section was held where many insightful scrutinies along with other valuable remarks by the audiences makes the seminar a successful one. Mr,Rashed Al Mahmud Titumir, the chair of Unnayan Onneshan and the Director Mr. Palash Kanti Das provided guidelines for more improvisation of the work. The whole seminar was facilitated by Mr. Jayanta Kumar Basak.