Research and Programme Committee Meeting and Presentation on ‘Strategic Plan of Unnayan Onneshan 2013-2017’

Reported by Shahid Md. Adnan

R and pp meeting

The Research and Programme Committee meeting of June 2013 has been held on 27 June, 2013 at 3.00 pm in Unnayan Onneshan’s conference room. Mr. KM Mustafizur Rahman was the convener of this meeting. On this occasion, researchers from different units of the organisation including Economic Policy, Social Policy Unit, RESOLVE programme and Capacity Building and Programme Management Division presented their respective work progresses of June 2013 and work plans of July 2013 along with effective plan and time management of the upcoming research activities.


Seminars on “Present Power Sector Condition; Taxation Synopsis and External Sector of Bangladesh”

Reported by: Shahid Md. Adnan


An in-house seminar (consisting of three presentations from Economic Policy Unit) had been organised on 21 March 2013, Thursday at the conference room of Unnayan Onneshan. The seminar began with a brief presentation from Md.Abdul Latif Mahmud, who submitted a snapshot of Present Power Sector Condition of Bangladesh focusing on the existing problems as well as the present drawbacks in policy level in this sector.


Seminar on ‘Banking Sector in Bangladesh’

Reported by: Shahid Md. Adnan


An in-house seminar has been held on 30 April, 2013, Tuesday at 12.00 pm in the conference room of Unnayan Onneshan. On this occasion, Md. Abdul Latif Mahmud and Muraduzzaman Akand presented their paper on ‘Banking Sector in Bangladesh’. The study aims to seek the existing situation as well as present drawbacks in policy level of banking sector in Bangladesh. The seminar was followed by an active question answer session participated by the audiences. Lastly the Chair, Rashed Al Mahmud Titumir conveyed his insightful scrutiny on the topic to further develop the research report.


Seminar on Point Based Career Path Strategy

Reported By Shahid Md. Adnan

A special in-house seminar on ‘Point Based Career Path Strategy’ has taken place on 7 March, 2012 in Unnayan Onneshan seminar room. The seminar was conducted by Farhana Akhter, Human Resource Executive along with the Director of Unnayan Onneshan Mr. Palash Kanti Das. The seminar shows the road map to career upgrading for the researcher and staff of the three unit of Unnayan Onneshan that consists of Research Unit, Perspective Building and Communication Unit and HR, Administration and Finance Unit .Ms. Farhana Akhter presented the Apply Process, Eligibility of point achievement and Point distribution system of this Career Path Strategy on this occasion.

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