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US Fed chair nominee and our anachronistic monetary policy

নারীর প্রতি সহিংসতা:: দৈনিক ইত্তেফাক


6pc GDP knot and 25pc investment arrest: why?

Investment intricacies and fiscal fuzz: A rapid assessment of the national budget for FY 2013-14 by Unnayan Onneshan

 অদূরদর্শী ব্যবস্থাপনার চাপে অর্থনীতি

Power sector: Too many maladies to address

The likely impact of monetary policy on private investment

Rethinking power sector

Green economy: debate or destiny?

The senior citizens and challenges

Disequilibrium in balance of payments

Biodiversity for life and livelihood

Climate-sensitive diseases and health-seeking behaviour

Tiger conservation in Bangladesh

Reality check for health-related MDGs in Bangladesh

 Elderly population in Bangladesh: a situational analysis

 State of education, health and poverty in the context of ‘Vision 2021’

 Fallibility of official narratives on development

 Focusing on elderly women

 Save forest biodiversity, save the world

 Rich-poor gap widening

 Industrial growth rate declining

 Employment generation should be key focus   

 Forest biodiversity: our common future

 Forests of Chittagong hill tracts

 Gender Budgeting: What should be the focus?

 Poverty reduction target unlikely to be met

 Post-budget analysis on employment

 CHT forests: Hidden treasure

 Poverty reduction efforts need a boost

 Evaluating services of Sundarbans

 On healthcare budget

 Social security concern

 Crisis in food price, food security imperil the marginalised

 Population: Asset or burden

 Aila impact: People suffering endlessly (Part-I)

 Aila impact: People suffering endlessly (Final part)

 Incorporating Religious Institutions in Climate Change Adaptation: an Islamic perspective

 Aila impact still lingers on people and environment

 Vertical price drift of Ramadan essentials

 Food production cost and price: A two-fold challenge for government

 Reasons behind the failure of contractionary monetary policy

 T-aman cultivation and fertiliser use: An analysis

 BB draft guidelines to set up new banks: Several questions

 Preparing for an elderly population

 Pressure of remittance on foreign exchange reserve

 World Rural Women's Day 2011: Contribution of rural women   

 Diagnosing the monetary policy

 Redrawing the poverty line

 Dissection of taxation on the nation

 An update of Bangladesh economy

 Part I: Whither Bangladesh economy?

 Part II: Whither Bangladesh economy?

 Concluding Part: Whither Bangladesh economy?

 Evaluating Durban outcome: A focus on Kyoto protocol

 Faltering growth: A rapid assessment of national budget 2012-13 by Unnayan Onneshan

 Part I: Disequilibrium in balance of payments: A review by Unnayan Onneshan

 Concluding Part: Disequilibrium in balance of payments: A review by Unnayan Onneshan

 Connecting street girls

 Green economy: debate or destiny?

US Fed chair nominee and our anachronistic monetary policy

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