Revenue Mobilisation: Recent Trends and Imminent Challenges

Monthly Bangladesh Economic Update, November 2017

November 2017

The Unnayan Onneshan (UO), an independent multidisciplinary think tank, in its monthly publication of Bangladesh Economic Update November 2017 reveals that collection of NBR tax revenue falls short of target in the first four months of the current fiscal year.

For the period of July–October 2017, revenue target was set at Tk. 19575 crore for income and travel tax, Tk. 25331.01 crore for value added tax (VAT) at the local level, and Tk. 20552.57 crore for import and export tax, while the actual collections fall short by 13 percent, 9.55 percent, and 7.78 percent respectively.

Analysing historical data of revenue mobilization, the think tank comments that the trend in the growth of revenue collection has never been stable, let alone increasing. In view of the fact that revenue collection has particularly been assuming a declining trend in the periods of national elections since the FY 1994-95, the UO fears a drop in revenue growth in the coming years.





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