Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management


Bangladesh bears the worst brunt of climate change even though its contribution to global climate change is negligible. The frequency and magnitude of different disasters have been on a increasing trend over the last few years, though disasters are not new to the country’s history. Therefore, people of this country are resilient, possess excellent coping capacity and time-tested knowledge on disaster management. People’s ability of spontaneous adaptation makes the country a model in global endeavour to climate change. Nevertheless, climate change has appeared as a major development challenge in recent times and is aggravating the situation to an irreversible state where food, water and income security are more vulnerable than ever before. The Unit articulates its research agenda on the basis of the country’s right to growth and international actions based on common but differentiated responsibility, because Bangladesh is one of the worst victims of climate change. The organisation continues to conduct research ranging from climate change science to adaptation to mitigation and contribute at national and international levels to ensure fairness and equity

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 Date  Title
2013 Climate Change and Food Security in Bangladesh - An Application of DSSAT Model
2012 Climate Finance: In search of additionality, accessibility and equity
2012 The Tempest of Exodus : The Case of Climate Change-induced Displacement in Bangladesh and International Negotiations 
2012 The Green Economy: Boon or Bane?
2012 Effect of Riverbank Erosion on Livelihood
 2012 Salinity Intrusion in Interior Coast- A New Challenge to Agriculture in South Central Part of Bangladesh
2012 Durban Outcomes under LDC lens: Kyoto Protocol and Future of Global Climate
2012  Effects of Climate Change on Crop Production and Climate Adaptive Techniques for Agriculture in Bangladesh
2012  Assessment of the Effect of Climate Change on Boro Rich Yield and Yield Gap using DSSAT Model
2012 Impact of Climate Change on Development Phases of Winter Rice in Bangladesh
2011 Reckoning Climate Change: Local Peoples’ Perception on the Impacts of Climate Change in South-Central and Northern Bangladesh
2011 Changing Rainfall Pattern Effects on Water Requirement of T.Aman Cultivation in Bangladesh
2010 Climate Change and South Asia : A Briefing Note
2010  Climate Change Impacts on Rice Production in Bangladesh: Results from a Model
2010 Gender Issue in Climate Change Discourse: Theory versus Reality 
2009 Future Climate Change and Moisture Stress: Impact on Crop Agriculture in South Western Bangladesh
2009 Climate Change and Flow of Environmental Displacement in Bangladesh 
 2009 Cyclone Aila: One year of Human Suffering  
 2009 Surviving Cyclones : The Indigenous Wisdom
2009 Effects of Increasing Temperature and Population Growth on Rice Production in Bangladesh: Implications for Food Security
2009 Cyclone AILA : Initial Assessment Report
2008 Climate Change as if Development Mattered (Policy Brief)
2008 Climate Change as if Development Mattered

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