Social Policy Unit

The Social Policy Unit conducts research and fosters discussion to explore new approaches that influences promulgating new policies. The aim is to advance innovative thinking relating to universal coverage in social sectors for accelerating inclusion, equality and togetherness leading towards sustainability and transformation.

Society is a complex entity and hence the studies of society demands multimodal investigation. The Unit undertakes research on all aspects of rights (economic, social, cultural), capabilities (education, health), and equality (identity, gender, sexuality, disability, age, social norms). The Unit concentrates on the issues of poverty, social protection and labour.

Exploring new approaches to social policies for strengthening institutions towards rights, equality and justice.


  • Augmenting alternative discourses to advance understanding on social transformation
  • Expanding capabilities of different constituencies to address inequality and exclusion
  • Influencing policy making process through creating empirical evidences grounded on inclusionary approach


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