Poverty and Social Protection

Bangladesh has made progress in reducing poverty over the last few decades, yet the rate of decrease has slowed down in the recent years. The number of people living under poverty has increased over the years due to rising disparities in the distribution of resources in Bangladesh. There is a widespread concern that economic growth has not been shared fairly, and current economic crisis further widens the gap between the rich and poor. These pose a cause of concern, particularly if a forecast is being made on the basis of current trends, suggesting that the rate of decline may further decelerate, leaving the target of poverty reduction of the government at bay. The UO research focuses on re-visioning the role of the state to that of a duty bearer, universal coverage vis-a-vis current target-based approach, equality and fairness, balanced rural-urban development and regional disparities. The Unit uncovers the dynamics of poverty, contributing to search for solutions to endemic poverty at the local, national and global levels. To achieve the Sustainable Zero Poverty Development Goals, the organisation undertakes research and puts ideas directly to the decision-makers through long cultivated connections with stakeholders such as public sector officials, politicians, business leaders, NGOs, trade unions, women groups, educators. 

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Date  Title
2013 Social Exclusion and Poverty in Bangladesh
2013 Poverty Measurements: Comparing Different Approaches
2013 Participatory Approach to Poverty Measurement in Bangladesh
2013 State of Poverty in Bangladesh: An Application of Monetary Approach
2013 Capability Approach and Status of Poverty in Bangladesh
2013 An Introspection for a Zero Poverty Development Framework
2013 Growing Together Sustainably : A Zero-Poverty Post-2015 Development Framework
2013 Women and Poverty
2012 Social Exclusion: Social Protection and Food Security
2012 Social Security
2012 Poverty and Food Security
2012 Poverty in Bangladesh: Slowing Down In Decline
2012 Incidence and Severity of Poverty
2012 Growth, Poverty & Employment
2012 Poverty at Household Level
2012 State of Livelihood of the Rural Poor
2012 Poverty and Rural-Urban Migration
2012 Economic and Livelihood Issues of Urban Poor
2012 Poverty and Public Services: Social Exclusion of Urban Poor
 2011 Policy Brief on Poverty and Inequality in Bangladesh 
 2011 Poverty and Inequality in Bangladesh 
2011  Electricity Scenario in Bangladesh  
2011  Water Supply of Dhaka City: Murky future 
2009 Migration and Living Conditions in Urban Slums: Implications for Food Security 
2004 Listening to the People Living in Poverty: Oral Testimony of Dhaka Slum-Dwellers
2004 Barriers to Access Public Services for the Urban Poor: An Enquiry into Dhaka Slums

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