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Declining Growth: Mismatches in Fiscal and Monetary Management- Half Yearly Assessment of the Economy of Bangladesh

The Unnayan Onneshan (UO), in its current issue of Bangladesh Economic Update focuses on the overall economic condition of the country at the half way stage of FY 2013-14. The end of this calendar year also marks the completion of the tenure of the current government. This issue investigates the sector wise performance of the current fiscal year in light of the targets set in the annual budget, Medium Term Macroeconomic Framework (MTMF) and other national plans, policies and goals. It also attempts to explore the current implementation status of the Annual Development Programme (ADP) and makes projection thereof. The seeds of the present challenges have been palpable and articulated in a number of publications of the UO. The economy is likely to experience a decelerating rate of economic growth for the third time in a row. In FY 2010-11, the rate of growth in gross domestic product (GDP) was 6.71 percent, which later declined to 6.23 percent in FY 2011-12, and further fell to 6.03 percent in FY 2012-13.  More...

Banking Sector: Current Status

The current Bangladesh Economic Update focuses that the present situation of banking sector has been deteriorating in terms of growth of credit and disbursement and risk management. Besides this backdrop, questions are being raised concerning the far-sighted deregulation of the financial sector. Growth in investment exerts impact on the growth in GDP. The decline in the growth in credit illustrates the poor condition of investment which might drag down the current growth in GDP. For example, the government requires investment rate to rise at 32.0 percent of GDP for achievement of 7.2 percent rate of growth in GDP in FY 2013-14.  More...

Reports in Media

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Revenue collection target may be missed

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Unnayan Onneshan projects: GDP may decline to 5.65%

GDP growth likely to decline to 5.65pc in FY14: UO

Mismatches in fiscal and monetary management

Unnayan Onneshan projects 5.65 GDP growth

GDP growth in FY ’14 may fall below 6 pc: UO

Assessment of Unnayan Onnesahan: GDP growth may go below 6%

Economy to grow by 5.65pc this fiscal

Recent Research Report

Revenue Mobilisation and Economic Growth

Forthcoming Report and Event

Monthly Economic Update on ‘Monetary Policy Statement' January 2014)


An In-house Seminar on ' Valuing Unpaid Family Work of Women' on 15 January 2014


An In-house Seminar on ‘State of Woman Domestic Worker’ on 19 January 2014


An In-house Seminar on ‘State of Migrant Domestic worker’ on 19 January 2014


Meeting on ‘Biodiversity for Poverty Eradication and Development’

Mr. Rashed Al Mahmud Titumir, chairman of Unnayan Onneshan, attended the second meeting of the Expert Group on Biodiversity for Poverty Eradication and Development, held in Chennai, India on 4-6 December 2013 with a field trip on 7 December 2013.The Conference of the Parties (COP 11) requested the Expert Group to move towards a road map for integrating biodiversity into the social and economic dimensions of sustainable development. The meeting was summoned by the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity with the generous support provided by the Governments of Japan, France and India.

16th Sustainable Development Conference, 10-12 December 2013, Islamabad, Pakistan

Mr. A. Z. M. Saleh, Research & Programme Associate of Unnayan Onneshan attended the 16th Sustainable Development Conference titled "Creating Momentum: Today is Tomorrow" from 10 - 12 December 2013 in Islamabad, Pakistan. More than 200 academicians, researchers and development practitioners from 21 countries across the globe attended the conference. Mr. Saleh presented his papers titled ‘Economic Empowerment of Rural Women in Bangladesh En route to Achieving Sustainable Development’ and ‘Indo-Bangla Water Regime: Analysis based on GBM Basin’ under the respective panels ‘Gender Equality: A Road to Sustainable Development’ and ‘Energy and Water Security in South Asia’ in the conference.

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New Books from UO


Measuring Multidimensionality: State of Poverty in Bangladesh 2013

State of Poverty in Bangladesh 2013

The book contains measurements of poverty through applications of major approaches, first of its kind in Bangladesh. Measuring poverty by a single indicator or approach namely ‘monetary approach’ falls short of representing the dynamics of poverty within a country. The book reveals that the measurement of poverty is complex and there are various problems associated with the different approaches of measuring poverty. Hence, the chapters provide trends of poverty in Bangladesh and identify analytical limitations of the mainstream approaches and intervention strategies. Finally, the book proposes a set of indicators based on new five fundamental principles of rights, equality, justice, sustainability and partnership for development through historic responsibility for a zero-poverty post 2015 development framework. More..


"Exigency or Expendiency?" State of Bangladesh Economy and Development 2012-2013. More.. 



"Accumulation and Alienation State of  Labour in Bangladesh 2013. More.. 


"Institutions Matter: State of  Women in Bangladesh, 2013 More.. 

"Elusive Progress: State of Food Security in Bangladesh 2012" released on the World Food Day, 16 October 2012.  More...

"Decelerated Decline: State of Poverty in Bangladesh 2012" released on International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, 17 October 2012. More...