Unnayan Onneshan Update February 2014

New Research Reports

An Estimate of Women Domestic Work in Bangladesh

This research attempts to estimate the unpaid women domestic work in Bangladesh. The study conducted a nation-wide survey in seven districts of seven administrative divisions and the number of households from each district was selected using Probability Proportional to Size (PPS) method. A total of 520 women, comprising 202 from rural and 318 from urban areas were chosen randomly and interviewed for the purpose of this pioneering research. The study reveals that the total unpaid work per year might be equivalent to BDT 1115914.8 million or USD 14.45 billion. The total gross domestic product (GDP) of the country was BDT 1037990 crore in the FY 2012-13.  More...


Revenue Collection, Public Investment and Debt

The current Bangladesh Economic Update reveals that fall in growth in collection of revenue, rising per capita debt burden and shrinking public sector investment may contract expansion of gross domestic product (GDP). Accordingly, the Update finds out contribution of different sources of revenue and searches the pattern of expenditure. In addition, the Update probes into the matter of increased deficit in the budget of the government leading to slimming down of private investment on the one hand and retrenchment of development expenditure on the other hand, since the government borrows from abroad to finance deficit and has to repay the loan with large amount of interest payment that increases non-development expenditure and causes government to reduce its development expenditure.  More...

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New Books from UO


Measuring Multidimensionality: State of Poverty in Bangladesh 2013

State of Poverty in Bangladesh 2013

The book contains measurements of poverty through applications of major approaches, first of its kind in Bangladesh. More..

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