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Recent Trends Of Growth in Agriculture, Industry and Power

The current issue of Bangladesh Economic Update attempts to understand the growth prospect in agriculture, industry and infrastructure sectors to explain the decline of growth in total gross domestic product (GDP). Agriculture and industry together comprise half of the GDP. As a result, the recent trend of these sectors is considered to be significantly associated with the expansion of economic growth.

The growth rate in GDP has declined from 6.71 percent FY 2010-11 to 6.23 percent in FY 2011-12 and then to 6.03 percent in 2012-13, which is projected to fall below the decadal average of 6.0 percent in FY 2023-14.

The rate of growth of agriculture and its share in GDP is decreasing. The rate of growth in agriculture came down from 5.24 percent in fiscal year (FY) 2009-2010 to 5.13 percent, and then to 3.11percent and 2.17 percent in FY2010-2011, FY2011-2012 and FY2012-2013 respectively. This declining trend in growth of agriculture sector can largely be attributed to gradual loss of cultivable land, lack of invention, adoption and dissemination of new technology, and lack of sufficient support for agricultural research and training in the country.   More...

Reports in Media

Prothom-alo reports Falling growth rate in agri, industry sectors to cause GDP decline: Unnayan Onneshan

Daily Sun reports: Falling agriculture, industrial sector performance to push GDP growth below 6pc, Unnayan Onneshan fears

To increase growth in agri and industry highest priority should be given to power sector: reports Ittefaq

‘Falling growth rate in agriculture, industry sectors to cause GDP decline’

Report on the daily New Nation: Falling growth rate in agri, industry sectors to cause GDP decline: Unnayan Onneshan

New Age reports Falling agri, industry sectors to hit GDP growth: UO

Report on the Financial Express: Falling growth rate in agri, industry sectors to cause GDP decline: Unnayan Onneshan

Amader Orthoneeti reports Contribution of the agricultural sector to the national economy reducing

GDP will shrink compared to the previous year: Reports Jai Jai Din

Report on daily Sangbad: Falling agri, industry sectors to shrink GDP growth compared to the previous year

Recent Research Report

An Estimate of Women Domestic Work in Bangladesh

Forthcoming Report and Event

Book on ‘State of Labour in Bangladesh’ (Date of release 01 May, 2014 on International Labour Day)
Book on ‘State of Bangladesh Economy and Development’

Forthcoming Report and Event

Two internal seminars have been held on 18 March, 2014 at 4.30 pm and 5.00 pm consecutively in the conference room of Unnayan Onneshan. On this occasion, Md. Ayub Ali and Md. Al Amin Islam, Junior Research Assistant from the Social Policy Unit have presented their papers i.e. chapters of upcoming book, on ‘Child Domestic Worker’ and ‘Working Hour and Wage Pattern of Domestic Worker’ respectively. The paper of Md. Ayub Ali focuses on how the role of participation of child domestic workers leads to the improvement of the socio-economic status of their family. Then Md. Al Amin Islam tries to find out the fact of inequity in bargaining power and empowerment of domestic worker. The seminar was followed by an active question-answer session participated by all the researchers of the organisation. In the end, the Chair, Rashed Al Mahmud Titumir conveyed his insightful comments on the topics to develop further.



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