Unnayan Onneshan Update October 2013

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Balance of Trade

The current Bangladesh Economic Update focuses on the current situation of trade. It further concentrates on factors and policies that have been exerting pressure on the external sector.

The country has been experiencing a negative balance of trade over the years, despite a fall in trade deficit. The reason behind this decline in trade deficit has been a greater decrease in import than that in export. Trade deficit declined from USD 9310 million in FY 2011-12 to USD 7010 million in FY 2012-13, after increasing over the years to reach at peak in FY 2011-12. Trade deficit as a percentage of GDP reached at 8.10 percentage of GDP in FY 2006-07, the highest between FY 2001-02 and FY 2012-13.  More...

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Recent Research Report

Poverty, Hunger, Nutrition, and Food Productionin Bangladesh

Forthcoming Report and Event

In-house Seminar on ‘Tax Pattern of Bangladesh’ (November, 2013)


Monthly Economic Update on ‘Tax Pattern of Bangladesh’ (November, 2013)





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Measuring Multidimensionality: State of Poverty in Bangladesh 2013

State of Poverty in Bangladesh 2013

The book contains measurements of poverty through applications of major approaches, first of its kind in Bangladesh. Measuring poverty by a single indicator or approach namely ‘monetary approach’ falls short of representing the dynamics of poverty within a country. The book reveals that the measurement of poverty is complex and there are various problems associated with the different approaches of measuring poverty. Hence, the chapters provide trends of poverty in Bangladesh and identify analytical limitations of the mainstream approaches and intervention strategies. Finally, the book proposes a set of indicators based on new five fundamental principles of rights, equality, justice, sustainability and partnership for development through historic responsibility for a zero-poverty post 2015 development framework. More..


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"Elusive Progress: State of Food Security in Bangladesh 2012" released on the World Food Day, 16 October 2012.  More...

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