Dealing with Deceleration

State of Bangladesh Economy and Development 2013-2014 

SBED 2013-2014

The book unearths the existing and emerging factors behind the decelerated growth of the economy through probing into the macroeconomic policy regimes that have proved to be nefficacious in preventing the declining trends.

The recent decelerations in the growth of the economy are largely, as the book reveals, ttributed to the stagnation in savings and investment as well as the increasing gap etween the two variables, along with contractionary monetary policy-induced decline in the rivate sector credit growth, wrong diagnosis of the causes of inflation, increasing gap between he target and the actual collection of revenue, increasing per capita debt burden, falling ate of growth in the agricultural and manufacturing sectors, frequent hikes in power tariff, eclining growth of export, dwindling growth of capital machineries import, and eterioration in the growth of remittance inflow. 




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